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“La Véritable” is a fountain for serving absinthe and other unique aniseed based aperitifs. Its exclusive and patented design brings together all you need for a sociable and bewitching absinthe ritual in a single object: water dispenser, sugar, sugar tongs, spoons… Its design and upmarket manufacture is both stylish and robust. Each one is unique, certified and numbered and can be personalised on request.

The absinthe fountain
All parts of the fountain are made in France from the very best materials. Each stage in the process is subject to continuous quality control. This requirement guarantees the perfect solidity, stability and water tightness of each fountain. After being assembled by hand and verified in a series of tests, each one is numbered and stamped “La Veritable” on its base. On request your fountain can be personalised to your taste by gilding the metal parts (handle, cover, feet, bolts etc) and by engraving patterns, marks or names of your choice on the glass or metal parts of the fountain.

A unique concept that makes serving absinthe easy
Every part of the “La Véritable” has been designed to perfect and facilitate the traditional absinthe ritual. Everything needed for preparing and drinking absinthe is there on the fountain: water and ice reservoir, spoons, sugar holder, sugar tongs. The glasses can be placed under the cover provided by the 3 feet of the base. Practical and ergonomic, the fountain can be easily transported using the handle. In addition, its shape and size give it a resolutely modern design, while ensuring its stability, robustness and compactness. The design has been carefully thought out for use by hotel, bar and restaurant professionals but will also delight the amateur.

Incomparable manufacturing quality
Bowl mouth blown crystalline made by “La Rochère”, glassworks since 1475,
Metal parts in chromed or gilded brass (as desired),
Assembled by hand,
Approved by a specialist laboratory, tested, certified for food use,
100% French manufacture,
After sales service and repair shop.

. 1 crystal water and ice bowl. Capacity: 1.5 litres
. brass structure with 3 feet, braces and handle
. 3 stainless steel taps
. 1 incorporated sugar holder
. 3 absinthe spoons placed on the fountain
. 3 glasses
. sugar tongs included

Total weight with accessories: 3.5 kg
Height (including handle): 48 cm
Width: 23 cm